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Jeff Brodsly, CEO, Chosen PaymentsJeff Brodsly, CEO
From making a call over a wired telephone, to cordless phones, flip phones, and the more current smartphones of today, technology has advanced, enabling people to use phones to do more than just making phone calls: browsing the internet, listening to music, and reading books are among other things you can do with a phone today. Jeff Brodsly, CEO of Chosen Payments speaks about the striking resemblance this advancement bears with the payment processing industry, which has evolved from credit card machines that could only accept payments, to integrated machines that have features like inventory management, daily reconciliation, and financial management. However, businesses typically fail to analyze their organizational needs when choosing a credit card processor who can help in processing payments in a way that’s geared toward achieving a higher profit and customer satisfaction level while slashing the cost of accepting cards. “Our job is to ensure that our clients qualify and receive the lowest possible credit card processing fees, through our technology and our knowledge within the industry. We are a technology partner helping our clients generate more revenue,” states Brodsly.

With decades of experience facilitating growth for their merchants, Chosen Payments is an expert when it comes to payment processing services including credit card processing, check processing, gift/loyalty, merchant cash advances, mobile applications, and other payment processing and financial services. Unlike most credit card processors who sell a one-size- fits-all payment processing product, Chosen Payments offers solutions with a consultative approach, for maximum reduction in a client’s processing expense, along with state-of-the-art technologies that help merchants achieve a drastic increase in the business’s overall performance, profitability and efficiency.

An area of focus for Chosen Payments has been its integrated solutions.

Our job is to ensure that our clients qualify and receive the lowest possible credit card processing fees, through our technology and our knowledge within the industry

Being aligned with several POS vendors, and maintaining secure relationships with them has allowed Chosen Payments to integrate virtually any POS system based on its clients’ unique requirements. They ensure that their merchants reap all the benefits a custom POS system can offer and at affordable prices. Their omnichannel solutions allow merchants to process payments in person, via mobile devices, self-service kiosks—all integrated into a single cloud product, as opposed to merchants having to connect with multiple vendors to perform each of the operations.

With its suite of mobile payments options, merchants from various industries, including hospitality, jewelry, or automotive, can offer their own customers a mobile application that integrates into their existing systems, and offer convenience in accepting payments. Brodsly explains this with an example. During the holiday season, a busy jewelry store would undoubtedly want customers to avoid long waits in checkout queues. With a Chosen Payments s o l u t i o n , the store staff can move around with mobile payment devices and allow a customer to securely and instantaneously checkout, with the receipt sent to the customer over e-mail or text message— one of the several ways Chosen Payments enables easier processing through mobile applications.

With a futuristic roadmap aimed toward strategic partnerships and acquisitions in various vertical markets that they already serve, Chosen Payments recently announced its collaboration with prestigious companies like Goldman Sachs and Prudential Capital via a merger and acquisition deal under a new parent company Aurora Solutions. Being one of the few ISOs (Independent Sales Organization) that is a full-service processor, with access to any bank as the acquiring bank and any processor as its backend processor, gives Chosen Payments the competitive advantage over other players. Having seen the company grow from a single employee and a single office to 150 employees spread through offices across the nation, Brodsly proudly talks of how he has seen the industry grow while they evolved as an organization with a leadership team that has more than 50 years of experience. Their ability to remain humble, disciplined, and at the same time deliver proprietary, reliable, and custom solutions to their clients speaks for how Chosen Payments can be, as they claim, a “Partner in Success.”

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Chosen Payments

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Chosen Payments is much more than just a vendor to our association partners. We look for ways to bring value to the association and their members by attending events, serving on committees, and finding innovative ways to help grow memberships. The company give partner associations top priority with bulk discounts and consistent education. "An indusrty leader in payment processing services, including credit card processing, check processing, ATM, Merchant cash advance, and financial services"