First Data: A Comprehensive and a Secure way to Pay and Process

Frank Bisignano, Chairman & CEO, First DataFrank Bisignano, Chairman & CEO
In the financial industry, the rate at which payment processing is chugging, it seems an indomitable task to track on the intricacies that involves insuring and processing of those payments. Along these challenges, banks and financial institutions are hands in gloves with ACH (Automated Clearing House) to process electronic transactions that are more vulnerable to breaches. First Data headquartered at Atlanta, has adopted an innovative approach to process such transactions in a simpler and a secure manner.

With more than 40 years of rich history in payment processing and transactions, First Data offers a novel view to the entire payment ecosystem. Designed to increase customer ROI, the firm’s innovative payment and security solutions encompass credit and debit card acceptance in a fast and secure way. With surmounting buying and selling activities, customer expectations of convenient payment methods also increase, while businesses strive hard to be in terms with regards to consumer’s payment preferences. This has been a devil’s haven for First Data to leverage a full scale payment strategy that involves tools that understand consumer behavior and offers Electronic Check Acceptance, ecommerce payment gateways, TeleCheck and Internet Check Acceptance to name a few. The flexible and scalable payment options also encompass real-time and batched transaction processing.

First Data’s TeleCheck Solution leverages leading risk assessment technologies and draws extensive usage of negative activity database to evaluate risk of accepting a payment. “We offer verification and Warranty Service options that helps financial institutions assess the risk coverage level,” eludes Frank Bisignano, Chairman and CEO at First Data. The solution involves key components that include Electronic Check Acceptance, Lockbox and e-Deposit that ensure electronic authorization and settlement of all types of checks while also saving time and reducing expenses. Clients in the financial industry can now enjoy reduced transaction costs, improved cash flow and operational efficiencies, and can also be worry free from the risk of lost, stolen or damaged checks.

Our solutions empower financial institutions to deliver easier, faster, safer and smarter electronic commerce

VisionPLUS a comprehensive payment solution offering of First Data provides the flexibility of a platform of choice that supports any operating systems, and being able to incorporate various payment deployment modes while also supporting global currencies and languages. First Data’s TransArmor a payment card security solution offers secure transaction of the payment card from the moment of swipe, before the actual transmission and throughout the whole payment process. The solution combines software/ hardware based encryption along with tokenization that involves an authorization response with a number sent to the merchant with whom the customer has made the transaction. This allows the vendor reduce costs on PCI compliance, focus more projects that contribute towards ROI than securing cardholder data.

The commercial payment solutions offered by First Data helps clients expedite newer ways of acquiring and involving relevant customers. It offers Commercial Card as a simple processing model that facilitates global acceptance of all payment cards with varied billing and payment options. It also offers a 360 control over managing and viewing of the card portfolio. Cash management suite that is web based and a reliable payment infrastructure such as PayPoint, complete the puzzle thus orchestrating the tenacity that First Data shows in being a very relevant and a prominent name in the market.

From financial institution and retail credit card issuing to commercial card processing, management, payment electronification and cash management, First Data delivers the service and solutions that drive overall operational efficiency, improve risk management and increase customer retention. With a compelling history, First Data awaits for a greater and purposive geography.