HPS: Innovative All-in-one Payment Platform

Abdeslam Alaoui, MD, HPSAbdeslam Alaoui, MD
We strongly believe in ‘customer autonomy’,” begins Abdeslam Alaoui, MD, HPS. “Our whole business and service delivery model is built with this spirit.” For the past 21 years, it is this customer autonomy approach that has enabled HPS to adapt to the payment and card solutions industry with such ease. Today, HPS dedicatedly addresses the payment processing needs of hundreds of issuers, acquirers, and national and regional switches across more than 85 countries. HPS comprises of a world-class management team that has a proven history of working with one of the most powerful state-of-the-art technologies in the payment industry worldwide. The company’s highly skilled staff puts in the “hard yards” to develop innovative solutions that provide customers with a number of options for making payments.

HPS’s payment solutions provide alternatives that are not generally supported by traditional payment methods. The solutions have a modern and flexible architecture, enabling the digital transformation that the payment industry is experiencing, which is an asset for organizations when compared with the technologically out-of-date legacy platforms. “Our solutions also support all the back-office functions associated with running a payments business,” says Alaoui. “It broadly includes fraud management, chargeback processing, intelligent switching, device driving, risk management, clearing, settlement and reporting.

With its best-in-class payment platform—PowerCARD, HPS provides simple yet efficient solutions that support any kind of payments and encompass the entire payment value chain. PowerCARD is an all-in-one payment platform that can process any card type—credit, debit, prepaid, loyalty, corporate, and fleet— via any channel—ATM, POS, internet, and mobile—for any kind of merchant.

We made the customer understand how our method is bringing value to their organization

PowerCARD is EMV and PA-DSS compliant, and is fully integrated with all international payment networks such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club / Discover, Japan Credit Bureau (JCB) and Union Pay International (UPI) and facilities global connectivity and worldwide payments acceptance. PowerCARD also has a flexible technology architecture, which the company believes is the future of the payments industry.

In one instance, one of HPS’s customers in the U.S. had an issue with its billing system which was too rigid and wasn’t flexible to cope with the implementations of new business rules and hierarchies to manage their customer’s relationship. Also, the customer required the merchant billing to be done based on interchange, surcharge. HPS came in as a partner and carried out an analysis to find out the real concern for the client. With the results of the analysis, HPS made suggestions to the client about the right billing technologies and addressed all the challenges. “We made the customer understand how our method is bringing value to their organization,” says Alaoui.

“As a technology company, we spend around 15 percent of our revenue in research and development. This is something that sets us apart from our competitors,” says Alaoui. Currently, HPS is working on mobile technologies and developing a P2P (person to person) mobile payment solution. “When we’re talking about mobility, it is really important that customers must have access to their profiles, data, transactions, and other important information,” says Alaoui. The company has also developed a tokenization solution for mobile. “In the years ahead, if there’s anything that is relevant to mobile payment, we’ve either worked or will be working on it,” Alaoui concludes.