Top Payment and Card Solution Companies
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Top 10 Payment and Card Solution Companies - 2018

Historically, most of the payments were made through cash or cheques; however, with digitization things have changed now. From bitcoins to digital wallets, payment industry has evolved. These cutting-edge technologies are redesigning the conventional model of payment services to alleviate cumbersome transaction methods whether paying in-store, online or via a mobile device.

These significant changes are also leading to the launch of new payment platforms and tools rapidly, almost on a daily basis. New age payment processes, like Mobile payments, are not just changing how consumers are spending but also transforming the way of accepting, securing and facilitating payments. These unconventional payment processes are majorly powered by cloud-hosted software that provides a unified transaction platform easily reached anywhere just with one touch. Artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are also helping in revolutionizing the way payments are processed. AI can reduce processing times for payments while removing human error, on the other hand, ML acts as a valuable part of fraud detection.

With a variety of solution providers in the market, finding the right solution is often a complicated task for the businesses. To help them in making the right choice, Banking CIO Outlook has put together a list of top payment and card solution providers. This list has been compiled by a distinguished panel of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, industry analysts, and Banking CIO Outlook’s editorial board. It will help CIOs, CTOs, and CEOs make the right choice while deciding their payment partners.

We present to you Top 10 Payment & Card Solution Providers - 2018.

    Top Payment and Card Solution Companies

  • BASYS Processing makes it convenient, secure and affordable to accept credit cards and debit cards to provide solutions and services that include terminals, virtual terminals, e-commerce, mobile, and point-of-sale; tailored to suit any needs. BASYS operates with banks, associations, and software partners that rely on them to enhance their reputations and customer interactions by offering notable service coupled with ultimate flexibility and pricing. The organization is working on the philosophy to take care of merchants, associates, and staff so that they never leave. BASYS Processing will advance through its enthusiasm and dedication to excellence as a world-class organization providing fresh products and personalized service

  • Checkbook provides a simple, secure, and safe payment solution that allows companies and people to send payments and receive payments through digital controls. Digital checks offer businesses a clear financial and operational advantage at a fraction of the cost of other payment solutions to instant delivery and internet deposit. Checkbook's convenience is that receivers don't need a checkbook account, just an email address. With the embedded accounting dashboard of Checkbook, senders can follow every digital check from shipment and deposit to publishing through every stage of the process. The Digital Checkbook technology is an end-to-end, simplified payment solution combining cost-effectiveness and convenience

  • Chosen Payments is one of the Merchant Services Company with the fastest growth. Chosen Payments is specialized in custom merchant company solutions to assist companies to reduce operating costs and boost income. It is not just a partner, but a national merchant business consultant that accepts electronic payments. The organization's services concentrate on processing credit card, check processing, gift/loyalty, ATM, cash advance merchant, and mobile apps. Chosen Payments focuses on organic growth by creating relationships not only with customers but also with employees. The organization believes in loyalty, trust, transparency, and genuine partnership, which keeps them unbeaten

  • ECARD Inc is a New York-based Fintech organization dedicated to offering innovative payment solutions for clients traveling globally or making daily home purchases. ECARD promotes cross-border transactions, immediate account transfers, and family account services that fulfill current client requirements. The company seeks to create a platform that combines lifestyles, travel advice, payment solutions, and business activities to provide a service that benefits customers and business owners in every aspect of everyday life. ECARD is the first prepaid card in the United States authorized by Union Pay, backed by Global Bank, a member of the FDIC

  • The FreedomPay Platform is the best way to simplify complicated payment environments for merchants. It is a technology and innovation firm with a long history as a leader in the industry and with innovative payment solutions in driving market success for its customers. FreedomPay is committed to ongoing innovation across the entire trade ecosystem, linking the disparate components of the trade value chain and making payments quicker, smoother, more comfortable and smarter than ever before for distributors, economic institutions, businesses, and healthcare companies. FreedomPay is the engine within the growing yet interconnected commercial ecosystem of the world

  • PaySett Corporation is a global company made up of qualified people from the worldwide payment sector to develop safe and reliable large-scale payment systems at the domestic level. The design expertise of Payments System has been acquired from the direct experience of implementing National Payment Systems in many regions of the world as well as enforcing core payment processing systems in many of the world's largest banks. PaySett consults with each nation at the national level to design a domestic Electronic Payment Clearing system while offering the country with software alternatives for switching, banking, corporate and consumer software

  • Priority Payment Systems

    Priority Payment Systems

    Priority Payment Systems was established in 2005 with a mission to build a merchant-inspired payment platform to advance small and medium-sized business partners' goals. Priority Payment Systems is a distinctive electronic payment business that offers extremely scalable and extremely versatile payment systems designed to meet market requirements. The organization's product provides a full business solution suite that monetizes payments while maximizing automation. The team of experienced advisors in business payments specializes in working with companies to develop innovative alternatives based on their particular requirements. Priority is the 13th largest merchant acquirer in the US

  • TAS


    TAS Group is specialized in implementing electronic money, payment systems, capital markets, and extended enterprise software solutions. Renowned worldwide solution provider for card management, access to payment networks and order management, TAS also acts as a primary partner on the international market through its subsidiaries. The organization seeks to simplify the interaction of private enterprise, public sector, commercial and central banks with their customers, stakeholders, and technology systems. The team of extremely qualified business analysts and software engineers are concentrated on digital and mobile integration rethinking, reimagining, and revolutionizing business processes

  • WEX


    WEX is a major supplier of business and public accounts payment processing and information management solutions. The organization is enthusiastic about offering unparalleled safety and control over B2B payment solutions, payable corporate accounts, buying and transaction payment needs, and providing insights to assist clients in making intelligent, data-driven company choices. WEX consists of three leading companies that serve Fleets, Corporate Payments, and Health needs. With secure fleet cards and fuel management instruments and services, WEX enables large and small fleets to save on fuel costs and enhance fleet activities. WEX reinvents the way payments serve companies, regardless of sector or continent, and facilitates the administration of healthcare benefit accounts by employing creative alternatives and technology

  • Worldpay


    Worldpay is a technology and services leader that helps companies and communities flourish through the advancement of trade and the financial world. Worldpay is a payment partner that can make a smooth appearance of interactions between consumers, merchants, and financial institutions. The organization works to simplify payments by breaking down boundaries and barriers to help businesses grow. By connecting merchants, banks and capital markets, Worldpay uses scale, applying in-depth expertise and data-driven insights, innovating to solve the future of customers, and delivering more simple, seamless and secure experiences to advance the way the world pays, banks and invents