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Top 10 Payment and Card Solution Companies - 2020

Although they work behind the scenes, payment and card service providers form an essential part of the global financial chain. They connect merchants to a broader financial system and facilitate credit and debit card payments from customers. While being invisible to most but essential to all, payment and card service providers make modern commerce possible by bringing all financial parties together to deliver a simple payment experience.

Payment and card service providers handle the entire payment transaction, from authorization to settlement. Some providers offer just the basics, while others provide consultation and support solutions to their merchant clients. Beyond these, payment solutions are differentiated by offerings such as merchant financing, security and fraud protection services, and regulatory compliance assistance. Payment and card solution providers also specialize in online payments or in-store processing. There are third parties like gateways, and payment facilitators are also involved in payment processing services. Payment gateways provide a connection point between different systems, such as point of sale systems and card processing platforms, and provide connectivity for businesses to access the payment processer of their choice.

The payment and card solution market is undergoing an unprecedented change, driven by new channels and technologies, along with evolving customer expectations for more personalized and seamless solutions and products. A variety of new entrants such as mobile network operators, payment solution providers, transit operators, handset manufacturers are making their entrance to the payments market. With different vendors offering diverse pieces of omni-channel payment and card solutions, the payment ecosystem is becoming more diverse. Moreover, the connected generation demands more seamless connectivity across all channels and instant payment services with 24/7 availability. Payment and card solutions enable businesses to maximize revenue, increase customer acquisition, improve retention, reduce expenses, minimize risk, and increase wallet share.

At this juncture, there is a wide variety of Payment and Card Solution companies entering the industry with a set of advanced offerings. To help companies navigate through the best-of-breed Payment and Card Solution Providers, Banking CIO Outlook has compiled a list of Payment and Card Solution Providers 2020.’ The enlisted organizations offer comprehensive management of the entire life cycle of credit, debit, and prepaid card products for payments across all channels and devices. Besides, the magazine also comprises Payment and Card Solution Providers insights from thought leaders in the sector on the industry trends, best practices, recent innovations, and their advice for the aspiring CIOs.

We present to you Banking CIO Outlook’s “Top 10 Payment and Card Solution Providers - 2020”

    Top Payment and Card Solution Companies

  • "BASYS Processing makes accepting credit cards and debit cards convenient, safe & affordable. We provide services and solutions that include countertop, mobile and virtual terminals, as well as e-commerce and point-of-sale, customized to fit any need. ""Provides services and solutions for credit/debit cards that includes terminals, Virtual terminals, e-commerce, mobile, and point-of-sale; Customized to fit any need"

  • Chosen Payments is much more than just a vendor to our association partners. We look for ways to bring value to the association and their members by attending events, serving on committees, and finding innovative ways to help grow memberships. The company give partner associations top priority with bulk discounts and consistent education. "An indusrty leader in payment processing services, including credit card processing, check processing, ATM, Merchant cash advance, and financial services"

  • Prepaid Ventures is one of the leading cloud-based payment processing, program management, and prepaid debit card solutions providers. The company is on a mission to deliver innovative solutions and financial management technologies to businesses looking to grow and evolve into the electronic payments network. For businesses looking to enter the electronic payments marketplace, Prepaid Ventures provides a wide range of customizable financial products that includes multiple wallets, online bill pay, direct deposit, mobile apps, websites, IVR’s and more. Moreover, Prepaid Ventures places great emphasis on customer service and technology, ensuring that all the needs are met

  • Segovia and Crown Agents Bank (CAB) are working hand in hand to create a unique partnership marrying Segovia’s digital, API technology with the security and trusted network and client franchise of the UK regulated CAB. Embedding Segovia’s technology into Crown Agents Bank's payments service reduces the friction of sending money to emerging markets by improving speed of delivery, increasing reliability, and enhancing the user experience. Be it a FinTech payment business or commercial bank, Government department or NGO, the unified payment gateway supports the execution of everything from single very large payments to thousands of small value payments to be credited to mobile wallets and bank accounts in our target markets

  • Dedicated to serving the unique needs of non-bank financial service companies, ranging from entrepreneurial start-ups to those on the Fortune 500, enabling them to provide more of their services in a digital and real-time manner

  • Apto Payments

    Apto Payments

    Apto is a leading-edge card issuance platform. We help companies issue new kinds of cards in new ways. Founded in 2014 as Shift Payments, the company worked with Coinbase to launch the first bitcoin debit card. Today, as Apto, we have broadened our mission, finding new ways to connect people to their assets by helping companies successfully launch innovative, customer-centric card programs to market

  • CPACharge


    CPACharge is an online payment solution developed specifically for CPA firms, giving you a professional way to accept credit, debit, and ACH payments in your office or online, with no equipment or swipe required. With PCI Level 1 certification, we handle PCI compliance for your firm, at no extra charge, and all payment data stays safe and private. Our knowledgeable in-house team of Certified Payments Professionals is always just a call or email away. Trust the experts for a solution that’s used by 50,000 professionals and recommended by a growing number of national and state CPA societies—CPACharge

  • Payall Payment Systems

    Payall Payment Systems

    Payall’s B2B & B2C payments as a service (PaaS) platform radically enhances how businesses pay individuals and businesses around the world. Payall provides businesses individual market-ready capabilities that they can use to send payments in ways that fit their style; capabilities currently offered include Instant Payments and Prepaid Cards. By connecting with trusted global partners and regulated entities, Payall harmonizes payment capabilities across the world, offering faster and more secure payments to meet the modern generation of workers and businesses at a fraction of the cost of current methods

  • Payment Approved

    Payment Approved

    Payment Approved API creates a single authentication point that can be used to send funds across multiple platforms or networks, which gives companies the control over the origination of a transaction. Allows mobile wallet companies, and most modern software companies to create a unique token. A single gateway of SSL encryption and authentication to pass financial data back and forth

  • Priority Payment Systems

    Priority Payment Systems

    Priority Payment Systems LLC is one of the fastest growing payment technology companies in the U.S