Top Payment and Card Consulting/Service Companies in Middle East
CASHU: The First FinTech in MENA Aiming for a Cashless Society

Top 10 Payment and Card Consulting/Service Companies in Middle East - 2020

As businesses adjust to a mobile-connected world, the Middle East market is rapidly transforming to accommodate the payment preferences of an evolved consumer base. With more than 300 million people under the age of 24, there is considerable opportunity for the region to develop itself as a digital-first region when it comes to banking, payments, and financial technology.

In the past few years, several countries in the Middle East region have funded fintech programs, adopted Open Banking mandates to encourage collaboration between fintechs and traditional financial institutions. This has helped in the emergence of many fintech startups, which is expected to top 250 by the year-end. Besides, global payment solutions providers, such as Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, Alipay, Stripe, Adyen, and G-Pay have entered the market to prove the necessary boost to the payment ecology in the region. These newer competitors to the traditional banks are able to scale faster than before and at a fraction of the cost, or infrastructural requirements.

With the proliferation of cloud and cognitive technologies, the capability to collect and analyze data is also transforming the financial sector through better insights into consumer preferences and behaviors. The payment industry in the Middle East is now able to predict purchase decisions by leveraging data on sales, conversion rates, check out metrics, and merchant ratings. It has also helped to minimize fraudulent activities thanks to data on payment volume, frequency, the geography of the sources, and the history of payments.

Several new players are entering the region with a striving and conducive market. In this Issue of Banking CIO Outlook, we have compiled a list of “Top 10 Payment and Card Consulting/Service Companies-2020” that are transforming the finance industry in the Middle East.

We Present you Banking CIO Outlook’s “Top 10 Payment and Card Consulting/Service Companies-2020.”

    Top Payment and Card Consulting/Service Companies in Middle East

  • CASHU made it easy for anyone to make secured payments online, and was the first alternative online payment method in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. It continued to grow and target individuals without bank accounts and credit cards in the MENA region, as well as global online store owners who wanted to deliver and sell their products in this raw region of the world. At the core of CASHU’s value proposition is its unique e-wallet platform that provides a bouquet of low-cost and smooth services, which include online shopping through both the e-wallet itself and the prepaid virtual Mastercard, bill payments, money transfer, remittance and more

  • Jibimo


    A clear vision of a change in the global banking industry, the obsolescence of cash and its replacement by e-wallets in the near future, where money transfers will be simply a click away.Therefore, in order to realize this vision, we established Sepehr Paya ( Innovative ) Strategy Innovators Company in 2017 , relying on the activities of a team consisting of creative and motivated professionals and youth to transfer money as one of the major concerns in society. , Facilitate and make everyone enjoy the pleasure of easy payment

  • Netpay International

    Netpay International

    Netpay International provides worldwide online payment gateway solutions. As an industry leader established in 1998 the company is a one stop shop offering its own flexible state of the art platform, personally customized to clients needs.Our cutting edge technology alongside business partnerships with over a 100 acquiring banks worldwide ensures that our global clients are able to process transactions easily and in the most secure manor. We have developed powerful monitoring systems in order to ensure our clients safety and prevent fraud risks

  • Pars Global Information Technology

    Pars Global Information Technology

    Pars Global Information Technology Company, one of the pioneers of electronic payment industry in Iran, has started its activity since 2003. The company has more than 14 years of experience in providing solutions for the electronic payment industry, including banking automation software, electronic payment systems through smart cards, service facilitators, industrial issuance and personalization of bank cards and comprehensive centralized banking solutions. Focusing on e-payment systems via smart cards (Debit / Credit Card & E-Wallet Systems) and e-government service facilitators has also been part of the pre-establishment plan

  • Payguru


    Payguru is the first mobile payment company to be granted a license to operate in accordance with the law numbered 6493 by the BRSA on April 27, 2016, after completing its legal and corporate obligations.Our payment platform, which is constantly developed with the latest technologies, offers sales and collection enhancing solutions to member businesses along with other complementary functions and modules. It combines the most convenient and user-friendly flows with high successful pricing rates, efficient and fast collection terms. It adds value to member businesses

  • Payment International Enterprise

    Payment International Enterprise

    Provides a full financial ecosystem that enables a cashless society while offering innovative financial services to the banked, unbanked and underbanked segments of the society.Also, provides financial products and services to consumers and corporations, that empower and enrich consumers lives, while enhancing financial inclusion through an innovative experience and a reduced cash dependency



    PCARD is a company specialized in providing a wide range of services and solutions to the Bank and Payment Industry. These services range from smart card personalization, mobile banking, digital wallets, instant card issuance, EMV chip migration consultancy, credit/debit processing, card inventory tracking and management.PCARD offers over 20 different solutions and services all aimed at significantly improving operational efficiency, reducing risk and increasing competitive benefit to shareholders

  • Real Deposits

    Real Deposits

    Real Deposits offers advice, introductions and tailor-made solutions to quickly enable online payments for merchants operating in industries such as: E-commerce, Retail, Travel and more, seamlessly securely and compliant with payment systems rules.RealDeposits has partnered with diverse credit card providers from all around the world allowing its clients to process 3D secured payments

  • Verisoft


    Verisoft have developed and deployed central card production system PowerEMV and distributed InstantEMV card personalization systems at more than 80 locations around the world.Our solutions are compatible with all card vendors and embosser equipment We can provide PIN mailing systems, PIN on SMS and customer select PIN on branch PIN PADs

  • WireCapital acts as a Payment Service Provider established and started its operations in 2011. The company’s processing system is fully certified by «PCI DSS Level 1» security standard as «Level 1 as Payment Gateway/Switch/Internet Payment Processing and Clearing and Settlement». WireCapital is an officially registered payment agent of VISA and MasterCard. The company continuously invests substantial resources delivering the highest possible level of security and integrity of sensitive data of its partners and customers